Banners can be displayed horizontally or vertically and are a great way to make a big impact. Our banners are durable, waterproof vinyl that can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Customize a full color banner for your business, church, sports team, birthday party, graduation, or advertising event!


Tailor your banner to include any of the following:


Depending on your needs you can choose to include grommets in the corners of your banner, or for larger banners have additional grommets installed along the top and bottom edges. If your banner is 60” or longer we recommend the additional grommets along the top and bottom. They will be spaced every 2-3 feet.


If your banner is 96” or longer we recommend reinforced edges. The edges of your banner will be folded and secured with heavy duty banner tape providing a finished folded edge and double thickness of material for extra durability of grommet holes.


Half moon cuts, or wind slits, cut into a banner create a flap that opens as wind create pressure to reduce stress on the banner.  If your banner is 96” or longer we recommend reinforced edges.


A great solution for:

Advertising  *  Backdrops  *  Birthdays  *  Church Events  *  Welcome Signs  *  Graduations  *  School Events  *  Trade Shows  *  Weddings


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Versatile and cost-effective, custom full-color banners provide high visibility to display logos, information, images, messages and more.

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