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Each metal print is mounted to your choice of black or white 3mm PVC board.  The PVC frames your metal image and you can choose a border thickness of 1/4", 1/2", 1" or 2".

Display Options:
If you plan to hang your finished piece you can choose to have a sawtooth cutout on the backside of the PVC or you can have holes drilled in all four corners of the finished piece and mount to the wall with stand-offs.

Sawtooth cutout:

Drilled holes:

Holes are drilled through the metal and PVC layer leaving a 1/2" space from edge of hole to edge of metal. 


Additional item available for hanging:

Stainless Steel Standoff Pegs

Each standoff screw comes with wall anchor and installation screw. Rubber spacers are provided with the decorative screw peg to protect your piece against scratches.
Diameter: 0.5"   Length: 1.0"

Wall Installation Diagram:

Aluminum with PVC Backing

A beautiful way to display cherished photos of loved ones or images that have special significance to you. The smooth metal surface provides a unique canvas for the vibrant UV printing.

Estimated Price:

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